Under contruction.

This blogpage will be changed into a half English page/ half Dutch page. Herefor I needed to remove my articles for a while and I’ll repost them step by step. At this moment there will be none to very little articles available to read.

Why the change?
I’ve thought about it for a long time now and I’ve came to the conclusion that I rather write my blogs in both languages.
There is something about English that attracts me, the sound, the power behind it,… But because I have a lot of dutch readers, I will also keep on writting in Dutch.
Also I’ve want to be able to reach a lot more people by using a global used language.
The more people I can reach the more people I will be able to help, to inspire or to just be a motivation figure for

What about the previous blogs?:
I will also translate all of my previous blogs into English.
This will take a while so I will mix posting new ones with old ones.

What about the theme?:
The theme will not change a lot. Except that I will go for a total holistic health & lifestyle blog combined with my biggest passions like traveling, creativity, yoga, …
I will do less about fashion and beauty except if it fits into my concept.