Saying hello!

My name is Anjuli Dobbelaere, I’m 25 years old and I live in Belgium.
I’m a holistic health and lifestyle coach with a passion for travelling and adventure, sports and yoga, artsy work and creation, psychology and the spiritual side, nature and it’s beauty and ofcourse music with a strong good beat.

You can see me as a openminded, creative, smiley personality with a strong will who doesn’t recoil for a challenge. A person who would climb up the biggest, most feared mountains without looking back, all so she could achieve her goals.

~ A girl with fire in her eyes ~

My priority isn’t just to make this blog look like a book of serious knowledge, it is also a blog where I want to focus on making your life as comfortable and fun as possible. A place where you can find a lot of nice ideas and inspiration or just a place where you can rekindle the flame of lost motivation! A place where you may recognize certain aspects in your life and where you can feel understood and just be your beautiful self!



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