Is it to late to follow your dream?

The question of this topic is one who definitely crosses many people’s mind.
It is a question that also wandered in my mind for many long years.
A question who can evoke fear, doubt and uncertainty within yourself. You want to achieve a certain goal in your life but the fear to fail can be so big that you don’t even dare to start. Recognizable? Time flies by, fear grows day by day.. the older you get the further your goals seem to drift away, and the harder it gets to reach them, isn’t it? So why should we even bother to try? This thought is certainly something which haunts through many people’s head. But can it ever be to late to follow your dream or is this just a limit that we humans put on ourselfs to avoid taking our own responsibility?

My vision on this is, no, absolutely not! It is never to late to follow your true lifepath! It is never to late to listen to the purest voice of your heart!. After many years of ups and downs and a quite a few hard life experiences with big impact, I’ve realised that luck is something that you have to create yourself. Hereby I want to mention first of all that I’m not saying that it can’t be hard or difficult to follow your lifepath. It can require risks, sacrifice or unexpected turns depending on the content of your life goals. People are unique and so are their goals. Some people dream about a small success, others desire the big and great successes. There are also a lot of people who weren’t even aware of what their true life mission is untill the age of 30,40,… it can all depends on your own unique situation, influences from outside of yourself, education, fear of change, …


Whatever your goal may be, big or small, at a young age or when you’re a bit more mature,  if there is a will there is a way! We’re all set in this world with a personal mission. For some this was clear from the beginning, for others it started making sense after a couple more years. Whether your mission is just being a good mom or dad, being a successfull business man or woman or a lifecoach who wants to guide others in their life journey… each final goal can look so different and yet be so similar, because at the end we all just want te same, we all want to be happy.

So that being said… I truly believe that if you want to reach something in your life and your will is big enough, despite your age or situation, there is always a certainty on success. Because those who believe carry the power within theirselfs to achieve the most unthinkable results. It is just a matter of  accepting your own responsibility in this progress. Whether the final result will be like the dream you’ve always had in mind, that is something that no one can assure you. Because… who knows, maybe your dream changed during the road, and that is totally fine! The most important part is that you tried and you lived completely up to your full potential. You listend to the deepest parts of your heart. This is something to be proud of, whatever the end results may be. Never let anxiety stop you, never be guided by the fear to fail, never listen to persons who don’t believe in you, never be fooled by your own uncertainty. The only person who has the key to success is you. The only person who can be the ennoying obsticale that blocks the road is also you! Remember that! It’s your choice which steps you take and whether you will follow your path. You choose whether you settle with less while you’re stil hoping on a miracle to happen. The responsibility lays in your hands, the choice is only yours to make. Just keep in mind that miracles are a creation of your own proceed. They will not be given to you in a moment of surrender. Don’t be the person who will regret the things he never tried when he looks back on his past. Be te person who can say: – I lived! I’ve took everything I’ve could out of my life! I lived by my heart! – So start believing in your own skills, don’t put limits on yourself and just make yourself proud!

~ A goal should scare you a little & excite you A LOT. ~

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