How owning less slowly changed my life

Maybe you’ve saw it appear on my Instagram or Facebook a while ago (or maybe you didn’t). But when I’ve moved a few months ago, I’ve took the moving part to a whole nother level. Normally moving is like: packing a lot of stuff (stuff you sometimes didn’t even remembered you’ve had), disassembling furniture and then putting them back together, cleaning, … you know how it goes, I guess.
Well, when I said I’ve took it to a whole nother level, I really ment a WHOLE nother level.


What do I mean by this?:
Since a while ago I’ve made a complete mind switch! I’ve decided to live more minimalistic and get rid of a lot of possessions. (So this meant that I’ve had to move a whole lot less)
With getting rid of a lot of material I meant, a good 75 %. Yes you are reading this right, 75 % at least! For a lot of us this could come as a big chock when you would start to realize that you would have to give up a lot in orde to live more minimalistic. (Althought there aren’t any specific rules on how to live a minimalistic lifestyle ofcourse) Thoughts like: “ What if I’ll shortage something?”, “Won’t I have any regret?”, “I will definitley miss something!” could definitley cross throught some peoples head. Anyway this is a perfectly normal reaction in this world, I think it’s because a lot of people just get easily attached to their stuff and possessions. So there is certainly nothing wrong with that! But for me… this just isn’t the lifestyle I feel I fit into. Having to much possessions just makes me truly less happy.


Why do I choose to live more minimalistic?:
First of all, living more minimalistic comes with a lot of positive effects.
I will talk about these effects even more later in this article.
The first and most important reason why I’ve chosen to live like this is because I’ve noticed that: The more stuff you have, the more stress you bring into your life. This can be totally unconscious… just think about all the different stimuli around you that unconsciously cross your view when you just want to relax in your sofa. You can get enjoyed by it when it gets messy and you just can’t find the courage to clean after a long day of work. (And no, even if everything is clean in my house, having to much stuff is still a pile of unnecessary, useless material who is a waste of my time and space.)
So that is why I’ve decided a few months ago that I’m better of without all this little sneaky stress-stimulators who cause a chaos in my head.
Let’s face it… how many useless, barely used stuff to we collect as humans throughout our life? I guess we all know the answer to that…
While basically we could live a pretty happy and satisfying life with a lot less. (and a more peaceful and focused life certainly!)


Which positive sides have I already noticed by now?:
Waw, certainly a whole lot and it feels amazing!
Things like:

  1. Having less stress and less chaos inside my head!
  2. A feeling of freedom and being unattached!
    When you have a less stuff you have a lot less to worry about, you learn to let go more easily and you can go on a trip without anything keeping you here.
  3. Less messy in your house!
    When you have to much stuff it can get messy a lot faster.
    Watch out! With less stuff it still can get messy but with the right amount of willpower it is cleaned up in no time! So enough time to relax after a long day of work!
  4. Less laundry!
    That big pile of laundry is paste tense.
    When you own less, you just don’t have another choice then to wash your clothes faster. Otherwise you’ll be stuck with no clothes left.
    Result: A clean house with no pile of delayed mess!
  5. Save up some money!
    Someone who is happy with less is also less tempted to buy useless stuff.
    Because a lot of the time we just buy stuff by habit or because we are bored.
    Not for a minimalist!
  6. And certainly a very important one (maybe the most important)!:
    You have more time for what really matters!
    Having less stuff means having less stress and less ‘home’ work.
    This means you finally get the time that you deserve to focus on your priorities, your passion, your career, friend or family… definitely a great step to your ultimate luck!


Can everyone go minimalistic?:
This is a hard one to decide for you.
However I can certainly tell you that this was one of the best choice I’ve ever made for myself!
I didn’t regret it for a second and the feeling of freedom is growing day by day!
It feels like a weight’s been lifted off my shoulders and no money in the world would ever make me change it back!


What do you think?
Are you a collector or do you rather keep it simple like me?


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