The healing power of music!

~ Music is what feelings sound like ~

Did you also notice how music can influence your emotional state in only a few seconds?
You know the drill, those jumpy and happy feelings that you get while listening to hard and loud music VS. the total relaxed feeling you get while listening to a soft and calm melody.
Why is that exactly?

The explanation:
Well, it’s pretty simple! Everything in life contains energy and frequencies with a specific tone.
Music contains a lot of varied frequencies of course! These frequencies begin to play your body while floating through every piece of it. But… they aren’t just influencing your body, they also influence your spirit and emotional state like I mentioned before. With every frequency another hormone gets released and every hormone creates another unique and specific feeling. So when a combination of all different kind of frequencies enters your body there can be an explosion of released hormones who can define your emotional state of mind at that moment.
So it’s very normal that your favorite beat can make you happy in no time!
Whenever the lyrics of this song also touches you personally and it responds to your life experiences it can drag you into a whole nother world.
This can be in a good way or a bad way. (maybe it can remind you of a break-up or maybe it reminds you of a amazing holiday you had last year, who knows!)

Music and health:
Did you know that music is also very healthy for your body?
Amazing don’t you think?
It would have a healing effect on our heart and a positive influence on our blood pressure, breathing, digestion and so much more.
(So bring up that radio fast and let those sound fill the room!)
Note: It is very important that you listen to your intuition and feeling when it comes to your music choice! A positive healing of music should only be relevant if it comes from music that gives you a great and pleasant feeling. (So it’s better to put away those cry baby music when you are feeling sad… it will only make you more sad!)

And what about you?:
Are you a big fan of music? Yes or no?
What kind of music do you prefer?
It would be very nice if you just leave a message behind with your favorite kind of songs or genre!
I just love to see how unique we all are in our different kind of tastes and choices. 😀


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