Noodles with vegetarian filet in a sweet Hawaii sauce (vegan)


For all the vegetarians among us (and the others of course) I’ve made a delicious recipe with noodles and vegetarian filet in a sweet Hawaii inspired sauce. Because I don’t eat meat myself I will post a lot of vegetarian or vegan recipes also. Planted based products are very healthy and nourishing for our body. You should definitely also try it out sometimes!


– Noodles
– Vegetarian filet (from AH)
– Pineapple slices
– Garlic cloves
– Onion
– Corn
– Mushrooms

Herbs & spices:
– Coconut milk
– Mexican curry (or the regular one)
– Pepper
– Salt
– Chili
– Garam Masala
– Sesame oil


First of all you boil some water with salt in a cooking pot. You will put your noodles in here afterwards. Then go wash your unions and mushrooms and cut these in fine slices together with your garlic clove and pineapple (if you bought a whole pineapple). Put the onion, mushrooms and corn in a pot to stew and also don’t forget to put your noodles in the cooking pot when the water starts to boil! When your vegetables are stewed you add the pineapple and some coconut milk to it. Let these flavors mix up for a few minutes. In the meanwhile you take a third pot to prepare your vegetarian filet together with the garlic. Add spice to this with some pepper, salt and chili. When your vegetables are ready you also add some spice here with pepper, salt, curry, garam masala and sesame oil. Now throw the vegetables and vegetarian filet together in one pot and mix it up.
When your noodles are ready you can start to prepare your plate.
Maybe at some chive for an extra touch.


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