20 Easy Money Ideas That Will Help You Increase Your Goal Savings

Whether it’s to buy that new trendy cellphone, your amazing getaways, to fill up your security savings or to start that full-time traveling adventure you’ve always dreamed of… we all want to see some extra money magically appear on our personal savings account. Sometimes it can feel like your money is just slipping out of your hands without even noticing. But when it comes to receiving extra money, it just never seems to happen magically nor accidentally. Unfortunately, the whole money-growing trees will never happen. Sorry to rip out all of your hopes on this one! But let those beautiful amazing trees please exist further in your magical non-existing dreamworld. May them rest in peace there. So for that being said, if you do want to save up some extra money in a realistic way, I may be able to help you out by giving you the following easy money ideas! Time to fill up your goal saving!

Believe me, it is possible to fill up your money-box just with some simple and easy money ideas. It does require some dedication and willpower, because like I said before, it just doesn’t appear out of nowhere
So…Because we have to take matters into our own hands…

Here are the simple but quite handy 20 smart ways to save money:

Tip 1: Find an extra side job

This may sound like the most logical and obvious tip you can get and maybe it just doesn’t feel like a great tip at all to you. Still, this is one that can help you out a lot. That is why I felt it was necessary to at least mention it. So don’t wave this one away immediately. Consider the fact that this might be an option for you too. It all depends on the extent of the goals you are saving for and the time and effort that you want to put into it. So, if you want to go traveling for a long time, for example, I can definitely recommend this one. Certainly, if you don’t have a lot of traveling savings just yet. For those who already have a full-time job, who think this sounds too impossible to combine, I would still recommend you to do your research first. There are so many different possibilities in doing an extra side job that there is almost an option for everyone. Evening jobs, weekend jobs, home based jobs, temporarily jobs, 2 to 4 hours jobs,…Maybe you have a fun hobby that you can turn into a sort of income, be creative! It doesn’t have to be long term and it doesn’t have to take all of your free time. See it as a chance to build up your dreams. But, if you still feel like this is too hard to combine, no problem, below you will find enough other smart ways to save up money that may fit your situation better.

Tip 2: Declutter and sell everything that doesn’t bring you extra value in your life.

We often become real hoarders throughout our lives. The moment that we decide to take the time to go through our stuff with a critical eye, that’s when we are likely to bump into stuff that we have never or rarely used.
When we then start to consider throwing it away, thoughts like: “What if I would ever need it?”, ‘Hmm, this one is a gift from…”, ‘What if I would miss it eventually?” start to pop up in our minds. Please STOP! Take one second to consider and realize the fact that it is totally useless to cling yourself to materials who doesn’t bring any real value to your life. Next time, you need to ask yourself: “Did it ever had any value to me?”, “Did I ever used it in the past year?”, “Will I really start to miss it if I throw it away?” If the answer to the previous questions is ‘NO’ then it is time to say your goodbye’s! And hey, it will not only help you getting you some extra money savings, it will also reduce your stress level and every pressure that comes with having an overload of useless and disturbing material in your surroundings.

Tip 3: Never go to the grocery store on an empty hungry stomach

It’s such an obvious fact that when you go to the store hungry that you are more likely to buy lots of unnecessary sweetness and sugars. Your cravings will take over your rational mind. So if you feel a bit hungry before going to the store, eat an apple or a healthy snack. Prevent impulsive craving purchases! Your body and your wallet will be so grateful.

Tip 4: Drink more water

You’re certainly thinking now, why should drinking water help me with saving up money. Well, if you drink enough water, you will first of all be less hungry all of the time. Besides that water is the cheapest drink to buy and it is healthy on top of it. Three important benefits in one catch!

Tip 5: Eat breakfast

Like drinking water, this will prevent being hungry all of the time and wasting your money on expensive snacks. Because your breakfast is the most important meal of the day, this is the make or break of having an energetic day. Therefore, if you skip your breakfast, you will most definitely have a sugar craving during the day. This is first of all not healthy and second of all not good for your wallet if you don’t have anything with you that moment.

A healthy breakfast with oats and berries

Tip 6: Get creative with your leftovers, don’t let anything go to waste

Sometimes we need to buy groceries in bigger quantities than we actually need, just because of the huge size packages that lay in the stores. Definitely, when you live alone or just with two, this can become a huge waste of nutritious foods and a total waste of your money, if you don’t seem to find a way to use it all. So start getting creative with your leftovers, experiment and search for inspirational leftover recipes.

Tip 7: Look for discounts on almost outdated foods

If you want to cook a delicious meal tonight, you should certainly look through all of the products who are discounted because of their almost expired date. Sometimes they cost half of the original price! You never know what beautiful recipes you can create with a bit of imagination. See it as a fun challenge!

Tip 8: Cook in larger quantities and freeze those extras

Perhaps far fetched but this way you can prevent that you run on to the nearest snack bar when suddenly a huge feeling of hunger pops up and you definitely don’t feel like cooking. This way there is food within reach all of the time.

Tip 9: Save coupons

This is an obvious one of course. Save every coupon you can find and USE them.
Don’t let them get expired. One coupon can look like a small saving, but when you count them all together, they can help you save a lot of money.

Tip 10: Buy general brands instead of the popular ones

General brands are a lot cheaper than the popular, big brands. Besides that, sometimes they even taste better! Not always of course, but the brand of a product does not define the goodness of a taste. Try out the general brands and decide for yourself which ones you like the most.

Tip 11: Organize a cozy evening at your

place with friends! Share the costs
Home party with friends

Pretty nice don’t you think? Believe me, this will save you quite some money!
Going out to a dinner, watching a movie at the cinema, partying at a local club, this can all be fun but the expenses can rise fast. Also, everything gets more expensive day by day and it can be quite a shock how much one night out can cost us. This doesn’t mean that you can’t go out any more of course! But exchanging this with a cozy get together with friends sounds like an ideal idea! Don’t you think? Decide beforehand who takes care of the snacks, who gets the drinks and who looks for some exciting indoor entertainment (movies, games,..)
Fun guaranteed!

Tip 12: Don’t feel like going out? Save your usual ‘go-out’ budget (For the party-animal)

Because you normally spend your money every weekend to a dancing moment at the club, you can now certainly put those in your personal savings account with a great and proud feeling. So reward yourself for choosing your comfy sofa over a night out for once. Increase those goal savings!

Tip 13: Go shopping with a list, wait for the sales or try a second-hand store

Clothes, accessories, gadgets,… an absolute danger for your wallet! Don’t we all love to have a new outfit or a fun gadget once in a while? Let’s not even begin about those emotional ‘feel-better’ shop moments. Recognizable? You’re having a bad day, you want to get rid of this feeling so you decide to go shopping with a few of your friends. This can be a clothing store to even a multimedia store, whatsoever. Result: a guilty feeling afterward when you realize that you’ve spent your last savings on that cute new skirt that you will only be able to wear next summer.

I can give you 3 smart ways to save money on this one:

Tip I: Try to set up a list with all of the stuff that you definitely need, before leaving at the mall and try to stick with it! Do you think you are not reliable in this? Go with a friend who you can trust and who can help you out by ringing the alarm bell when it’s needed.

Tip II: If it is not urgent, then try to wait until the sales. You will feel so much more joy when buying in the sales. Not only will you feel more satisfied because of all those great new clothes, you will also feel satisfied with the lower prices.

Tip III: Don’t forget to check out a second-hand shop (online or offline), you’ll never know what you can find there! You’d be amazed at the nice stuff that you can find on a low budget price. Certainly a recommendation!
Keep in mind that clothes in a second -and shop already went through the whole washing process so you can immediately notice their real quality.

Tip 14: Just came back from a travel? Save your remaining leftover money

Didn’t you spent the whole saved budget on your holiday, night out or whatsoever,…? Perfect! Put those remaining cents quickly in your personal savings account. They were meant to be spent, didn’t they? So why wouldn’t you save those unexpected money leftovers? You can’t miss what you weren’t meant to have in the first place, right? Beautiful extra goal savings!

money on the floor

Tip 15: Eliminate every unnecessary cost

Check out your bank account and take a moment to reflect on your spendings.
Do you have any unnecessary spendings that you can eliminate? Do you pay for a magazine subscription, sports lessons or an extra television channel that you don’t ever seem to use? ELIMINATE IT FAST!

Tip 16: Create your own gifts

There is nothing more original than to give a self-made gift to your friends or family.
Besides that, it’s much cheaper than to buy an already made one.

Tip 17: Try to fix things yourself

Whether it’s fixing your own clothes, fixing a closet or something in your car.
Don’t pay someone to fix it, if you possibly could fix it yourself. If you really can’t fix it yourself, maybe think about asking a friend or family member first. Maybe you know someone who has experience with this.

Tip 18: Use the 24-Hour rule

If you saw something you love, definitely online, you should use the 24-hour rule before buying it. This means that you should wait at least a 24 hours to rethink the reasons why you want to buy it. Do you really need it, would you regret not buying it, will you miss out on something when you’re not buying it,… if the answer is ‘NO’, then you prevented yourself from buying something that you would regret in the future. Well done!

Tip 19: Do you have any unexpected remaining money at the end of the month? Save it!

If you have any unexpected money left by the end of the month, you should definitely deposit this into your personal savings account! Just like the previous tip on the remaining holiday budget, this is also an amount of money you didn’t count on to pay your bills. Therefore this is a perfect extra to add to your savings.

Tip 20: First savings, then paying bills (for the daredevils)

This might be the most difficult tip for many of us but if you have a smart and focused approach this can give you great results. When your monthly salary is deposited on your bank account, you should firstly deposit a fixed amount to your personal savings account. If you then notice a shortage of money to pay your bills, you will definitely have the right pressure to come up with a creative and smart idea to save some money for this challenge.

Piggy bank in nature

So here they were, the 20 easy money ideas to increase your goal savings!
There are certainly more tips that I could think off but for now, let’s keep it with those 20. I hope I could give you some inspiration and new ideas for doing some creative money savings!

Do you know some easy money ideas that I didn’t mention in this blog post?
Do you think you have other smart ways to save money, one who is definitely worth sharing? Certainly, post it in the comments underneath! I would love to hear them!

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