Travel The World With Your Pet: PROS AND CONS

Traveling with your pet

Wouldn’t it be amazing to take your pet on your new life adventure? Whether it’s longterm or for a short period of time, you should always look at the pros and cons before making this decision. Because even though this might sound just perfect, it isn’t always that simple! At least not for everyone. It all depends on what you like or dislike and what annoys you and what not. Also, you are more limited in doing certain activities when you travel with your pet. It’s all a matter of choice. I chose to take my pet when I will start my longterm travel journey. What about you?

Why Choose To Travel With Your Pet (PRO’S)

Dog in the car.jpg

> You have a loyal and best buddy with you!

When I made the decision that I wanted to start traveling next year, I never doubted one second about taking my dog with me. I’m not a person who gets easily attached to stuff or even people but when it comes to my pet, that’s a whole other story! So I guess, I’m talking for a lot of us when I’m saying you just can’t leave them behind.

> A pet, especially a dog, gives you a feeling of safety

When you travel with a pet, it can give you a feeling of safety. Especially when you travel with a “big” dog! It is less common that you will get attacked or robbed when a dog walks next to you because they are never sure how this dog will react. This doesn’t mean that you need to be less careful!

> You never feel totally alone

Even though the world is full of people, it can get lonely sometimes when you travel all by yourself. With a pet, you always have the feeling of a loving friend by your side.

> Pets keep you motivated and driven to succeed. Responsibility!

When you travel with your pet, you are aware (or should be aware) of the responsibility to take care of it. It needs food and water on time, the right medical care, entertainment and a lot of unconditional love! Because of this, you are more likely to stay motivated and driven to earn money and to make your business a success. You want to do good for not only you but especially your pet!

> Pets attract new social contacts

It’s just a fact that when you walk around with your pet, you are more likely to attract new social contacts. Many people love to see a cute pet passing by and it is an easy topic to start a conversation.

> You have someone to cuddle with

Certainly, when you travel alone, there is nothing cozier than to cuddle with your furry pet. It gives warmth in the winter and softness in the summer. And most of all they love you no matter what!

> You can never get really bored with them around you

You have always someone to play around with. No time for boredom!

> It makes you smile every time

Have you ever noticed how hard it is to stay mad on your pet? Or how hard it is to not smile when it acts goofy or cute around you? They are just the perfect positive vibe.

> The benefits outweigh the disadvantages (at least for me)

Of course, there are some disadvantages when you travel with your pet.
But for me personally, the benefits are much more powerful than the disadvantages.
It was an easy choice to make for me.

Cute cat in the wild


2) Why you shouldn’t choose to travel with your pet (CONS)

A dog laying down on the beach

As I mentioned before, traveling with a pet isn’t always all rainbows and butterflies. It can be tricky sometimes and you most definitely will notice some bumps in the road on your travel journey. Even though I didn’t start my full-time traveling journey with my pet yet, I did do a lot of research and exploring on this subject. These following cons may sound very obvious but still, these could be some tricky situations that didn’t cross your mind yet.

> National Parks

Not every national park allows pets, so it’s important to do your research first.

> Grocery Shopping

Everyone needs to go “grocery” shopping at some point, too bad pets are not allowed.

> Sport or indoor activities

Do you like to go to the gym or do you like to do some indoor activities?
Then you need to take into account that pets are not allowed here.
Maybe do your fitness outside at the beach or on the grass.

> Having a small lunch or work at a coffee shop

When you like to do some work at a coffee shop or you like to go out for dinner/lunch, then you better choose a spot with a terrace. Somewhere, where pets are allowed.

> Doing your laundry at a laundry store (Espec. Van Life)

If you need to do some laundry, then you can leave your dog in the car for a moment but you need to make sure it is comfortable at all times. Think about the temperature, space, the time, your pet’s personality,…

> Hair everywhere

Every pet owners know it. If you have a pet, then you need to clean a lot.

> Stinky wet pet smell (Espec. Van Life)

When it’s raining outside and you need to take your pet into your car all wet, then it can get a bit smelly inside.

> Be aware of the outside temperature

If your pet isn’t used to living in a hot environment, then you need to be careful with this. Give it the time to adapt slowly and don’t put it in the heat for too long.
This can make the pet very sick.

> Keep an eye on it all of the time

You need to watch your pet all of the time because you don’t want it to suddenly be gone or get hurt.



It’s up to you now. Do you think the benefits are stronger than the disadvantages?
Then don’t hesitate and take your sweet furry buddy with you!

Dog with sunglasses

2 Comments on “Travel The World With Your Pet: PROS AND CONS

    • Hi! If everything goes by plan, then I will leave begin next year, around March. But I don’t have a final date yet, because it all depends on different situations. But my goal is to start my journey around that period.

      And yes my pet is definitely coming with me. I wouldn’t leave him behind ever! The cons I’ve mentioned in my blog aren’t really cons to me. As long as he is with me, I’m happy!

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