10 Van Life Tips to Make Traveling with your Pet more Comfortable and Easy!

Travel With Your Pet

When you want to go travel with your pet in a Van, you need to make sure that it is as comfortable as possible for both you and your pet. I’m sure that you really want your pet to enjoy the travel as much as you do! To make this possible, you need to be prepared and informed enough before you start this new journey. In this blog, I will give you 10 tips that will make the Van travel with your pet easier, more fun and especially well overthought!

Me and my dog Mischka in nature

10 Tips For A Comfortable And Easy Travel With Your Pet

1) Interior design + pet safety

Husky in the car

Before you start to build your van’s interior (or buy one), you should already think about the structure that will simplify the travel with your dog.

Think about:
<<< A (roof) window that you can open
<<< A cozy spot where he can feel comfortable and secure
<< Good locks to hide potential toxic products for the pet
<< A cooling blanket in the summer
<< A fan/air conditioner to cool off the vehicle,…
<< A place to remove (sharp) objects that can injure the pet
<< A way to keep him safe while you are driving: safety belt, bench, a car safety net,…
<< …

2) Window blending

Maybe consider blending your windows or use a curtain or blanket when you need to leave the Van for a second. Because even though many people mean well when they see a dog in a car, they have the right to break your windows to save the pet. Even when your pet is totally fine in the end because you used the right safety percussions. Not fun at all!

3) Train your pet well before leaving!

Definitely, when you travel with your dog, he should be able to listen very carefully and be obedient to you. Things like, sit, wait, come, stay,… should be a normal routine for him. Also, a cat or another pet should be obedient enough to ensure a safe travel.
Besides that, you should train your pet to be comfortable in the Van by himself. You don’t want your dog to start barking for the whole street when you leave the Van and you definitely don’t want it to be scared or nervous. The vehicle should feel like home to the pet.

4) Water, water, water + food!

When you need to leave your pet alone in the van for a while you need to make sure he has enough water and food all the time. I would recommend you to always give a bit more food and water than you think he will need. Also when you go for a long walk, you should take a bottle of fresh water and a small bite for your pet. Don’t forget to take a plate! There are many on-the-go compact options that you can buy online or in a store!

5) Consider the time when leaving the dog in the Van

Try to do grocery shopping or other small trips where you need to leave your pet in the Van, in the morning, in the late afternoon or in the evening. Those times are the less hot moments of the day. Please, never leave your pet in a closed car where even you shouldn’t feel comfortable in yourself! Don’t even take a risk on this! If you have doubts, don’t do it! Just find another option.

6) Try a petsitter

If you do want to make a whole day trip to a place where your pet isn’t allowed then there are possibilities to look for a pet sitter. I will be honest to you, I’m kind of nervous about this one too because I don’t really like leaving my pet with a stranger. Still, this is a commonly used option. Maybe I will try this someday but this is something that I will really need to think about first! I think I rather choose day trips where my pet will be allowed. But, if you do want to try it out, there are some apps available where you can find good pet sitter globally.

7) Be aware of his medical health
A girl and her dog outside

Make sure you went to the vet before starting your trip. It’s always a good idea to ask a professional about the medical care for your pet on the road. Maybe your pet will need some injections for certain countries. Also make sure your pet is protected against ticks, worms or any other bacteria. When you’ve noticed any weird behavior of your pet while he is in the car you may also ask information about solutions against carsickness.

8) Follow the country rules when it comes to pets! Do your research!

The internet is your friend when it comes to collecting information, so please do your check-ups about traveling with pets to other countries. There are a lot of countries that don’t accept certain breeds, or who have strict requirements when it comes to traveling with your dog in a car. Make sure that you are aware of those before leaving. You don’t want to get into trouble that you could have prevented.

9) Buy a well-fitting and strong leash

If your pet loves to run away, you need to make sure that you have a good and strong leash. You don’t want your pet to be running around lost in another country. This may sound obvious but accidents can happen so quickly. Choose a lease with a solid rope and make sure it fits perfectly around the neck/body. Check the state of your leash regularly because a frequently worn leash can break much faster then you think. Certainly when your pet pulls a lot. Another good tip is buying a leash light or a reflective leash to make sure he is visible all of the time.

10) Always be aware of his behavior

If you have a pet who can be trusted running free without a leash, you should always keep in mind to do this at a place with a lack of possible issues. The smallest scary triggers can make a pet flee. Things like fireworks, cars, hard noises, unexpected movements can be enough to scare your pet. So, if you unleash your pet than you need to make sure that your pet is in a comfortable and relaxed state with no signs of stress. Also, make sure that your dog is trustworthy when it comes to people. Your dog should listen to you when you are calling him at any cause. Because some people like dogs but others really can’t appreciate a dog happily jumping on them.

The bottom line

Traveling with your pet can be a lot of fun and an amazing experience.
Besides these tips, you need to make sure your pet feels happy and secure in his new lifestyle and environment. Definitely bring his favorite toy with you, give him lots of attention and make this not only a learning experience for you but also for your pet.
Grow together!

Man with his dog on a walk in the mountains

Love & Joy
Purendfierce x

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