Your Life Purpose: 12 Strong Signs You Aren’t Living It

What Is A Life Purpose exactly?

Living your life purpose, it sounds good, doesn’t it? But how do you really know you are living it? And what does it actually mean to live your life purpose?


Life Purpose Explained

Living your life purpose is being in a state of mind where you totally act out of the heart and you do the things you feel like you are meant to be doing in life. Not in the eyes of others, but that gut feeling that makes YOU want to do this. Your life purpose is the reason you want to wake up every morning, it’s the thing that makes you feel fulfilled and satisfied throughout your life. It’s something that you do with passion and a full focus on self-love and your love towards others. It’s the mission that your soul came here on this planet for.

Why Do You Have One?

As your passion is meant to make you happy, your life purpose is meant to make you smile by making others happy.  Because a life purpose is meant to make the world a better place, in your own unique way. It’s unselfish and love-driven. In the eyes of many, your life purpose may be seen as either big or very small. But in the eyes of yourself, your life purpose is the greatest and the happiest way to live. Because in this state of being you thrive the most. This is where you can to make your magic happen. This is where you can make a change in this world.

The mission journal

The Truth About A Life Purpose In Our Current Society


The Truth And Nothing But The Truth

As wonderful as living your life purpose may sound, a lot of the people aren’t living it.
We live in a world with a huge amount of distractions that can make you confused and blind when it comes to knowing what you really came here for. From the moment you were born, these distractions started to play their part. Think about, the availability of many toys, the materialism, the parents (family) dreams for their children and later on the expectations in school. (not to offend anyone here, it’s more general speaking) As you get older; money, opinions, standards, big houses, nice cars,… and many others distractions also pop up into your life. These are all types of distractions who can slowly but effectively form you into the ‘wanted’ society standard. But not everyone ‘fits’ into this lifestyle. Or better said, no one should feel obligated to live equally and be OK with that. Because we are all unique beings and we should be able make choices for ourselves without all those influences challenging us.

The Challenge Of Own Choice

It’s not always easy to break out of this way of living. A lot of the times people live like this for such a long time already before they even admit that they don’t feel fulfilled at all. This can be seen as a form of denial created by fear, insecurity, ignorance,… Deep inside yourself, you know who you are and what you want. It’s because of the many influences, that it can be quite a challenge to see through those and realize that you aren’t living YOUR life. But the moment that you start to listen to your heart, body, and soul, that’s when you will start to know how to live the life you are meant to be living. The life where you can be totally honest about who you are. A life full of passion and self-love.

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The 13 Signs You Aren’t Living Your Life Purpose

You are probably reading this blog because either you have certain doubts about your life path in some way, you are feeling unfulfilled or you feel like you are missing out on something in your life. If not, no problem, these following signs can also give you a sort of affirmation that you ARE going in the right direction.


1) You keep on searching for that something that’s missing

Do you always feel like there is a part of you missing but you can’t put a finger on it? Then this might mean that you aren’t fully listening to yourself and you aren’t living the path your soul was meant to be living. Try to figure out where this feeling of lack comes from. Take some extra time for yourself and get to know yourself on a deeper level. Maybe try some meditation or self-awareness exercises. These can help you reconnect with your unconscious mind and they can give you a better understanding of who you truly are.

2) You feel emotional and unhappy (even when you seem to have everything)

When you feel unhappy and emotional in a situation where you feel like you have everything, then this is a huge sign of not living your life purpose. Because when you would live it, no materials in this world could even compete with the satisfying and valuable feeling of living your life purpose. Then you wouldn’t search for the bigger and the better anymore, because the best would already be in your presence.

3) You feel like you aren’t using your skills at all

If you feel like you have a lot of skills that are unused, then this might mean that you aren’t living your life purpose. We all have a lot of skills that we don’t use daily of course, but these skills are ours for a reason. Not using your skills at all would be a waste of good potential and talent! So try to dig deeper into your skills and find out how they can lead you towards your purpose.

5) You envy other peoples successes

When you always feel jealous about other peoples successes, then it’s time to reflect on your own life. Are you really living the life you feel good in? Do you feel satisfied with what you are doing? Probably not! Or at least not completely. Because if you would live the life you love, you would only feel admiration for what they have accomplished while feeling proud of where you stand. You would feel happy for the other person and would allow them their success.

6) You have an addiction

A lot of the time an addiction is a sign of lacking a life goal. In this situation, people search for a way to feel satisfied and happy because they feel unfulfilled in other parts of their life. It’s an unhealthy and disturbing choice that better should be avoided.

7) You are constantly seeking validation

Those who are certain of who they are and what they want wouldn’t be seeking any validation. They just are. And they are OK and proud of who they are. So if you are constantly seeking validation, then it’s probably because you aren’t in the right place in life at that moment.

8) Your constantly changing directions

If you are always changing directions, this might mean that you are looking for your life purpose but you aren’t quite there yet. Maybe you are a bit confused or influenced by your environment and the many available options. If you feel like you are constantly jumping around, just take a break and take the time to listen to your heart instead of endlessly looking for another ‘better’ option.

9) You live your life through the eyes of others

Do you feel like you are on the tip of your toes all the time? Do you feel like you should prove yourself over and over again? Do you feel disconnected with who you are?
Then you are most likely living the life others want you to live. Always remember, you aren’t put in this world to live the life of another soul. You are here to fulfill your own unique mission and you shouldn’t feel responsible to live up to others expectations. The life they expect you to live is often the life they feel like is best for you, seen through their perception of you. A perception who is far away from the truth. Only you can feel the truth about yourself deep inside your heart.

10) Your accomplishments don’t feel satisfying

Are your accomplishments not satisfying you at all, even though you feel like you should feel happy about it? Well, maybe these accomplishments aren’t really in alignment with the mission you have on this planet. Maybe deep inside, you feel like these accomplishments are worthless when it comes to fulfilling your purpose.

11) You feel tired, constantly bored or overwhelmed

If you don’t have any real goal in life to pursue this can cause a lack of energy, boredom or a feeling of being overwhelmed. Overwhelmed by the many incentives who can feel so meaningless to you.

12) You’re not inspired, lack creativity

If you aren’t living up to your full potential then you will probably lack motivation or inspiration. You will not feel like anything gives you that positive creativity boost.

13) You feel anxious

If you feel anxious, this can also be a sign of lacking a life purpose. Maybe you feel like you want more in life but you don’t know how. This can cause anxiety for the future. Maybe you feel scared that life will never feel satisfying at all. But don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be like that. You just need to find your happy spot!

Love & Joy

Embrace life, enjoy life

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