How Traveling Can Really Change Your Life

We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us. The world is like a book with many chapters to read. Those who do not travel will only be able to read one. We aren’t meant to stay in one place, for that we have feet instead of roots.


What Is Traveling All About?

You may have heard this a lot, but do you really know the benefits of doing a long-term travel? Because long-term traveling isn’t all about exploring the world, it’s also about exploring yourself on a much more deeper level. Those who travel really get in touch with parts of their self that they never even noticed before. And with traveling, I really mean TRAVELING. Hiking in the wild, experiencing real adventures, getting out of your comfort zone, pushing your limits,… or just getting in contact with many different universal souls, cultures and climates. It’s about broadening your life vision. Broadening everything that you thought you already knew. As in the end, we know so little and that is what makes traveling so beautiful. You experience life on a whole other level. You become aware of the fact that there is yet so much more to learn. So much more to discover. You get to the realization that you will never know it all, but that this is just the amazing part of life. That you are able to grow every day a bit more without limits.


Why Do You Learn More By Traveling?

Me sitting on the rocks at a beach in Tenerife

When you are traveling, you are obligated
to get out of your comfort zone.
You need to use languages you might never use before. You need to adapt to a lifestyle of minimalism and being content with less. You need to be able to improvise when it’s needed. You need to get used to the fact that your life is all about changes. Changing places, changing cultures, changing foods, changing habits, changing lifestyles,… And in change, that is where you!ll find deep knowledge and wisdom. No human will find wisdom in maintaining the same every day. Wisdom and knowledge come out of challenging yourself, going through ups and downs, facing your fears and opening up to the unknown. And as traveling can be one big challenge, it is filled with a lot of beautiful and strong life experiences.


A Few Ways In Which Travel Could Change Your Life

A girl in the mountains having fun

1# You Learn A Lot About Yourself

As traveling can be both fun and challenging, it can certainly help you get closer to yourself on different levels. While staying in one place gives you a feeling of safety, comfort, and routine, it doesn’t really force you to get in touch with the deeper parts of yourself. Actually, a lot of the time, living in a routine life, can get you in disconnection with yourself. Daily work stress, automatic behavior, influences from friend or family and the lack of new stimulations, challenges and adventures can eventually get you into a place where you no longer know who you really are. This is a very common problem of this time. People choose safety over new adventures and get stuck in their comfort zone. And it’s in that comfort zone, that you will never be able to really become self-aware. Because becoming more self-aware comes with challenging yourself, facing your fears, trying new things and experiencing mind-opening adventures.

2# Traveling Makes You A Better Learner

As you will experience lots of new things, you will automatically grow your wisdom and knowledge. For a deep wisdom never arisen by staying in one place. Also, it will make you a better learner, as traveling will force you to act smart, to improvise and to grow. In traveling you’ll bump against difficulties and you will make mistakes. It’s then up to you to see them as a life lesson, not a letdown. Traveling is a fun journey, but it’s, even more, an inspirational educator.

3# You Become More Creative

People who travel a lot get to see things from whole other perspectives. When you travel you get exposed to new cultures, new habits, new languages, new religions, new visions… it’s a constant change of stimulations. It’s those stimuli who have an amazingly positive effect on our brain when it comes to growing creativity. They aren’t only very inspiring and new, they are also real eye-openers. Perhaps, you should try out what the locals do and experiencing their lifestyles as this can really open up your mind. It forces you to look at things in different ways and from different perspectives. Cognitive flexibility, as scientists call it. Cognitive flexibility can increase your creativity to a whole other level. Besides that, when you are in a more relaxed and happy state, your mind is more open to accepting new ideas and visions. For matter a fact, traveling doesn’t only make a creative person more creative, it also gets people more motivated to do creative work.

4# Traveling Is An Eye-Opener

Traveling can be a big eye-opener. You will not only get new insights about yourself, but you will also gain so much more knowledge about the universe and this planet. You will be exposed to both beautiful as sad real-life images. You will meet new people, hear lots of different stories and you will get blown away so many times. You will experience feelings you’ve never felt before. You will come across insights that can really change your mindset. Traveling can change your whole way of seeing things.

5# Makes You Happier

It’s scientifically proven that traveling does make you happier. Traveling opens your heart, opens your mind and rewires your brain in a positive way. It lets you see the world from another perspective and it increases your mental, physical and spiritual health. Besides that, the key to long-term happiness is spending more time chasing new experiences than chasing new things. As new experiences will feel so much more satisfying than things in the long run.

6# Makes You More Patient

As traveling also comes with a lot of challenges like delays, language misunderstandings, culture differences,… it really forces you to become a more patient person. You’ll grow to be more of an understanding and accepting person. You’ll learn to let go of stressing over the smallest things. Because in the end, patience is an important key to happiness. Beautiful flowers also take time to bloom.

7# You Become A Storyteller

Ever heard of the saying: ‘At first, travel leaves you speechless, and then it turns you into a storyteller.’? Well, it definitely does! As the moment that you get exposed to the beauty from outside of your comfort zone, it can make you speechless in just one glance. Traveling is all about exploring and diving in the unknown. It makes you opener, more aware, wiser, and full of experiences. The strong base of an amazing storyteller.

8# You Learn To Live In The Moment

Because of the many beautiful spots and places we can get to discover, our minds get less of an opportunity to wander inside. While you are traveling, there is so much to explore. It is a real feast for our eyes. Traveling teaches you to take in the moment and enjoy every part of it. Even when it is just one second, it can change your whole perspective. It teaches you to live in the moment and to live life the fullest. Unplug, explore and discover.

Love & Joy


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