The Secret Power Of Positive Affirmations

As human beings, we can easily get stuck in a spiral of negative thoughts. Mostly not because we want to, but because we aren’t even aware of the fact that we are the ones causing it. It’s just so easy to let yourself get carried away with negative thinking. Much more easy, then to really put some extra effort into thinking more positive.  Because negative thinking often feels like a natural habit, while positive thinking feels more like a daily task that we need to commit to. But eventually, positive thinking is worth all the commitment that is needed. Because, in the end, it will turn into your new habit, your new way of thinking. And this can really change your life.

What you think, you become.
What you feel, you attract.
What you imagine, you will create.

The Power Of Thoughts

Negative thoughts getting into our minds. It mostly happens unconsciously, out of habit or because of external influences. Faster then we can ever imagine. But if you always keep on letting those negative thoughts in and you accept them as the truth, then you are the one who is making yourself feel bad, sad, disappointed,… And on top of that, did you ever heard of ‘What you send out, you will receive.’? Well, you, who is sending out all that negative energy will not gain any positive good luck points. On the contrary, the more you send out negative vibes, the more likely you will receive negative outcomes. But if you would take a closer look at what is really happening here, then you should start to see your own responsibility into this. Because after all, thoughts will come and go, but it’s still up to you whether you choose to get carried away by them or not. You can choose whether you pick out the positive thoughts or the negative. You can choose to change the negative thoughts into something more positive. As thoughts will always be there, there is only you who can change them. You are the master and expert of your own mind, nobody else is. And it’s from the moment that you start to realize how important your role is into creating a happy life, that you will start to see the changes. Because from the moment that you will take charge of what thoughts you let in and accept as truth, then you have full control over your overall state of being. Your reactions, your emotions, your visions, your energy circle. And as it says ‘You attract what you send out’, you will eventually attract the positive outcomes into your life, if you start thinking more positive as well.

What Are Positive Affirmations?

Positive affirmations are self-made sentences with the good intention to reprogram your mind into a more positive way of thinking about yourself. These are often based on what you want to achieve in life, how you want to feel and what you want to create. As these are totally focussed on a positive way of seeing life, these should always be formed in a positive way. Also, it’s very important to create those sentences in the present state, because positive affirmations are all about reprogramming your mind into believing that you already ARE those statements and already ACHIEVED those goals.

For example:

  • Right: I am a successful businesswoman/man.
    (Positive + Present tense)
  • Wrong: I want to be a successful businesswoman/man.
    (Positive + NOT Present tense)
  • Wrong: I am not unsuccessful anymore.
    (NOT positive  + Present Tense)   

How Can They Affect Your Life?

Often we get a bad feeling or thought with a certain situation because of a similar event that happened in the past. For example, when you often ended up in bad, destructive relationships, this can cause negative thoughts in your following relationship. And when you accept those thoughts as being true, because of what happened in your past, then those thoughts can create feelings of anxiety, insecurity, sadness, distrust… But this can only happen when you let those thoughts in.

The reason why you unconsciously react badly on those new events is that you made the connection between those past events and similar present events as being equal. As in the previous example, love was connected with a bad and scary event, so this is what you automatically project on the next relationship if you aren’t aware of the limiting beliefs that you created in your past.

So as for positive affirmations, those are made to really reprogram that limited and negative mindset. Just as we unconsciously told ourselves in the past, for example, that love is a bad thing, we can also reprogram our mind into thinking that love is beautiful. And that is where positive affirmations come in! Positive affirmations, if used in a repeated and consistent way, can change your mind into thinking completely different. Just as it made a bad connection with a certain event in the past because of the negative thoughts, it can also positively connect that same event with self-created positive thoughts. As your unconscious mind picks up what you repeatedly say, and sees that as being the truth. So the more you put an effort into trying to reprogram your mind, the more your mind will see positivity as a habit. It’s like conditioning yourself.

How Does It Work?

You either create sentences based on a reframing of what is holding you back or an expression of what you want to accomplish in life and how you want to feel. As I mentioned before, you should always put those in a present tense and in a positive state. When you’ve created your sentences you should repeat those as often as possible and every day. There is no right or wrong when it comes to time scheduling or how many times you do it. But you should at least say those positive affirmations once a day in a set of 3 to 5 times. When it comes to the exact time, you can choose whether you do it in the morning, noon, afternoon or evening. But doing it in the morning does have a very positive effect when it comes to starting your day with a strong and positive mindset.

Tips on how to make them as effective as possible

  • Make them as short as possible as those will sound more powerful and   they are easier to remember
  • Always use the present tense in your affirmations.
  • Always use positive words. For example: ‘happy’ instead of ‘not sad’
  • The best moments to repeat your affirmations are at times when your not busy doing others things or when you are waiting in a line.
  • Repeat them mentally or say them out loud
  • Put your emotions into it and mean it.
  • You could write them down on a paper and put them on visible places. An extra motivation!

A Few Examples

1.. I am healthy and happy

2.. I am beautiful, in and out

3.. I am at peace with myself and the world

4.. I am living my dream life

5.. I feel joy and abundance in my life
6.. I am successful in everything I do

7.. My thoughts are under my control

8.. My mind is calm and relaxed

9.. I am unique and I am a true inspiration

10.. My life is full of wonderful moments

11.. I love what I do and I grow every day

12.. I think positive and I am full of motivation

13.. I am confident and everything I do works out just the way I want it to

14.. I am able to travel wherever I want to

15. I am a creative person and I create beautiful art

16.. I am surrounded by love

17.. I am authentic and I am a beautiful soul

Love & Joy 

10 Comments on “The Secret Power Of Positive Affirmations

  1. Lekker motiverend stukje. Het zegt voor mij in ieder geval dat ik goed bezig ben met mijn leven. Ik doe wat ik wil, ik geniet van wat ik doe. Ik geniet van andere mensen en sta op met plezier, maar ga ook met plezier naar bed 😉


  2. Oef, dit is toch wel heel veel positiviteit bij elkaar, haha! Zou voor mij niet zo werken, maar ik kan me voorstellen dat het helpt om om te schakelen van een negatieve naar een positieve instelling. Ik hou het maar op mijn eigen positieve, doch kritische en eerlijke instelling. 😉


  3. Leuk stuk! En denk dat je grotendeels gelijk hebt! Behalve misschien ‘wat je uitstraalt, krijg je terug’ ik bedoel daarmee dat ik een positief persoon ben, en dat ook – probeer- uit te stralen, maar ook gewoon heel wat crap te verwerken heb gekregen. Hoe dan ook blijf ik positief!


    • Nee dat begrijp ik zeker! En ik heb hetzelfde meegemaakt. Maar waar ik meer op doel is dat indien je positief kijkt krijg je positiviteit terug. Omdat je daarbij ook leert het meest positieve uit de ergste situaties te halen. 🙂 Het leven zal altijd met ups en downs zijn maar het is hoe wij kiezen om er op te reageren dat onze levenkwaliteit bepaald. 😄

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Love the why tou subscrib this blog post weel written, ik heel weg van positief psychologie het maakt het leven een stuk mooier en zinvol.


  5. Ik probeer ook om zoveel mogelijk dingen positief te benaderen maar helaas is dat niet altijd mogelijk of lukt me dat niet altijd 🙂


  6. Voor mij is positief zijn momenteel echt heel erg lastig. Jarenlang ben ik positief gebleven, maar als er alleen maar negativiteit voorbij komt, is positief blijven een stuk lastiger.


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