Month: January 2019

How Mindful Eating Can Benefit Your Life Quality

A woman who is enjoying her food

It’s a daily routine in our lives. Sitting down, eating our meals and then moving on with life. It is seen as so ‘normal’ that we often forget to enjoy the foods that we eventually put in our mouths. Noticing how it tastes, what the structure…

How To Know When It’s The Right Time To Forgive

Giving a flower

Is there currently someone in your life that had hurt you? Someone who you didn’t forgive yet? Does it feel like extreme baggage on your back? Do you sometimes wonder if it is worth forgiving? And if yes, then when? Because actually, you don’t…

How To Stop Caring What Other People Think

A worried girl who looks sad

Audio Version -Should I wear this, nah, I don’t want to look too cheap–Let’s check my message… Nothing? Why doesn’t anyone care?- -She said she liked my shirt. But that tone sounded so negative… what would she actually mean by that? –-I don’t want…