Alert! 12 Things You Need To Let Go Of In 2019

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It is 2019, everyone!
It is a new year full of new chances to really make a change in your life.
It is also the time of the year where many people set new intentions to become an even better person than they ALREADY were in 2018. Because yes, you are all amazing people. But growing and learning is a part of life and it is the part of life that gives you the opportunity to work towards your goals, to manifest your dreams and to become your greatest version.

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Focus on letting go

But besides setting intentions to add some new stuff into your life, would you not rather want to get rid of all the bad habits and negativity that was still holding you back in 2018? Because the reason why a lot of people don’t get where they want in life is mostly not because of what they don’t have in life. It is more because of what they need to let go of. So let’s raise your awareness because NOW is the perfect time to start reflecting on yourself and those little bumps in the road. It is time to get comfortable and to be ready to let go of everything that still keeping you from moving forward. Let’s start this new year with a bang of confidence and powerful dedication! Because here they are, the 12 things you certainly need to let go of in 2019!

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The 12 Things You NEED To Let Go In 2019


Number 1: Other people’s expectations

The first thing you should let go of in the year 2019 is the influence that other people’s expectations have on you. Because aren’t you the person who already walked a lifetime in your own shoes? Aren’t you the person who lives with yourself on a day to day base? So doesn’t that make you the expert of your own being? Actually, it does! So why should you keep on listening to other people’s expectations? Even when they mean well, they can never REALLY know what’s best for you, better than you can yourself. They never experienced being you. They never walked down the exact same road as you with the same kind of life lessons. Other people can only make their expectations based on the perspective that they’ve made about their past lessons and themselves. You can see their expectations of you, like projecting their past selves, in your shoes. I hope this sounds logical. This doesn’t mean that you can’t appreciate or feel gratitude for anyone who is wanting to help you or who wants to give you advice. Because, if it is meant well, you certainly can. But never blindly accept what they expect of you without questioning it as the ‘only’ truth for you. Because what’s true for them, isn’t always true for you.
See their words as a possible guideline towards searching and creating your own personal truth. The truth that is found within yourself. Besides that, if what they are expecting of you doesn’t feel right, you just shouldn’t do it. Don’t go against your own intuitive feelings. If your intuition telling you it is not right, then it probably isn’t.

Number 2: Rushing

Running, multitasking, extreme time focus and no time for a break.
Do you feel like you can relate? Rushing through life is a very common pattern behavior when it comes to today’s society. But are you aware of the fact that rushing through your tasks raises the possibility of making huge and impactful mistakes? While, if you would do it in a more calm and relaxed way, it immediately raises your creativity, productiveness, and preciseness?

So if you are constantly feeling tired, overwhelmed and your eyes are always focused on the time. Then it is time for you to push the break and let go of rushing through life. Even though it is sometimes hard to believe at that moment, but rushing doesn’t gain you any extra time. Time is really the most precious thing that we have in life. With rushing through life, you might feel like you are gaining time by getting everything done in a more limited time frame. But what did you really GAIN from that? Ok, you may finished a lot of tasks. But in that exact same time, did you actually experienced really being there?

Rushing through life is not a process of gaining MORE in life. It is a process where you lose the most precious small details of life. And time isn’t rechargeable. Once it is used, it is gone. For good. Actually, we can even say that time isn’t really here at all, it is an illusion that we made up ourselves. Life is built out of moments. And it is those that you will miss out on by rushing. Rushing through life can really take precious moments away from you, faster than you can even imagine. It can not only affect your final wanted results of what you are rushing to get done. It can also have a big negative effect when it comes to your health, your happiness, your overall well being and that of your relationships. It might even cause you loss. And if you were really being honest to yourself… aren’t that the exact same things why you are trying to rush through life? Because you think you’ll be happier faster, you’ll get more time for your health or to spend more time with your family? Rushing through life isn’t worth the risk of losing what you are rushing for in the first place.

Number 3: Comparing

Ah, it is tempting! Looking at someone else’s life or social media and comparing it with yours. Definitely when it comes to comparing everything that they have, that you don’t. But really, don’t do it, just don’t. First of all, everyone goes through their own ups and downs, and nobody lives a life full of rainbows and beautiful butterflies. Even your biggest role models can get sick, be unhappy or can go through difficult times.

Nobody’s life is perfect. But you can get close to it. You can live the perfect imperfect life. Just by changing your mindset. Try to feel gratitude for what you already have, what may come and the many possibilities that there are in life. Even when you don’t feel like there are. Open your heart to it and believe that they are there right in front of you. It will raise your happiness instantly. And positive energy will eventually attract positive outcomes, never doubt that. Everything happens for a reason. Everything happens just the way it should. It is all part of your personal life journey. Keep that in mind and embrace every moment that is given to you. These are YOUR moments. This is YOUR life. Aren’t you at least a bit proud of that?

Also feel sincere happiness for the other person you were comparing yourself with at first. Be happy for them, allow them their joy and luck. It’s when you are ready to feel gratitude for your own life and to celebrate others happiness, that you will free yourself from jealousy and grudge. Because jealousy and grudge, will not never lead you to any positive outcomes. The only thing that it gets you is a bad mood, an unhappy feeling, and unsatisfying life.

Number 4: Procrastinating

‘Nah, I’ll do it tomorrow.’, ‘Now is not the right time’, ‘I don’t feel like it today.’, does this sound familiar for you? Then you might have some procrastination habits. Not really a habit that will serve you in any good way. Did you ever ask yourself the question why you always procrastinate? Is it out of fear? Don’t you want it badly enough? Do you feel like you are not good enough to do it? What is the real reason behind it? It is very important to become aware of this habit and to do some research for your motives behind it. Because procrastination often leads to, disappointment, insecurity and as end result you get NOTHING. Besides having another goal that is more important to you right now, there isn’t really any other reason why you should procrastinate important goals at all.

Ask yourself these questions:
– Do you want it badly enough? If not.
– Do you feel like you are not good enough?
– Do you feel scared?

Number 5: Anxiety Of Being Alone

Do you feel uncomfortable when you are alone and aren’t you a big fan of having some me-time? Then it’s time to let go of your anxiety of being alone. Spending time alone is so important when it comes to self-love and self-growth. If you are not able to do this, then it is time to question your inner acceptance of yourself. Why aren’t you comfortable with being by yourself?

This is often because a lot of people don’t want to be faced with their own thoughts. They feel uncomfortable with their thoughts unstable nature and they are afraid of losing control over them. But keeping your thoughts under control is all a matter of choice. Your thoughts can only control you when you let them. If you don’t want your thoughts to be managing you, then you need to manage them first. And the only way to train your mind into doing this is by being on your own.

Besides that, being alone can increase your creativity, mental strength, and overall health. Learn how to be alone, it is oke to be alone. It is actually a smart thing to do. It will reconnect you with your true authenticity, your inner being, and your greatest power.

Number 6: Extreme Attachment

Ever heard of the saying: when you love someone/something, you need to let it go? I’m sure you did! Extreme attachment can be the cause of so many issues in your life. Attachment often goes together with the fear of loss, separation anxiety, dependency, jealousy and possessiveness. This can be with both living creatures as well as with material. You can never feel completely free and open as long as you can’t let go of the attachment you put on to stuff or people. It does not only suffocates others, but it also keeps you from growing. It keeps you from becoming your true unique self. The self-separated from all.

You don’t JUST want to be:
The girl of….
The boy with that car…
The woman with an obsession for clothes…
The man who is married to…

No, you are YOU. You are also YOU, separate from whatever you cling on to. And so is the other thing or person you cling to as well. Let the other also have the change to really be loved by you for who he/she is, in his own unique way. Love with trust, openness, and acceptance in letting the other just be. Embrace the beauty and energy of people and material in their own unique state of being.

Number 7: The Job You Are Always Complaining About

If you are in such situation, then you know what I mean. “Awh, I don’t want to wake up. My boss is such a jerk. My colleagues are rude.” Just STOP! You ain’t going to do that no more. From this year on, you are going to stop complaining about situations, such as an annoying job, an unhealthy place or a negative environment. Because these are things that you can actually change and do something about. And don’t say you can’t because of certain reasons in your life. You are a free being by nature, my friend! You have the possibility to do whatever you want in life! You just need to put your mind to it, and DO IT! There is always a way out! There is no reason to suffer for things that are not worth suffering for. If it ain’t something for you, let it go.  And yes, you CAN! You just need to want it badly enough. And if you don’t want to get rid of it badly enough, then why are you even complaining?

Number 8: Letting go of your fear of failing

“What if it doesn’t go right? What if I am not able to do this? What if I fail? Oh god no!” Hé! Why are you focusing on all the things that could go wrong, if there are so many things that could go right? And so what, if you mess up? Just pull yourself together and try again. Failure is a matter of mindset. You can choose whether you see ‘what didn’t work out’ as a failure or whether you see it as a new life lesson that can help you grow. Failure actually doesn’t exist, unless you allow it to. It is like an illusion. Failure lives further out of your own created self-pity. Let it go! It does not serve you. For a matter of fact, it keeps you from achieving your goals because it will block your full motivation as long as it is there.

Number 9: Toxicity

Let this year be the one where you realize the value of your life and that you don’t need to be surrounded by any drama or negative vibes. Embrace the positivity in life. Don’t feel sad that you have lost people in your life that eventually were meant to be lost. Don’t feel afraid to lose those who you need to let go of. Just let them go. Don’t feel guilty for protecting your own energy. If their energy is so incompatible with that of yours, that is a sign that you should not be around that person. Make space for better energy. In the end, you are doing both you and the other person a favor. Even when it’s not understood at first.

Number 10: Victimizing Yourself

“Why always me? Why can’t my life work out good for once?”
STOP! Life can be so amazingly beautiful! So why are you constantly being focused on those things that make you feel bad? Let go of it! Let go of seeing yourself as the victim in every situation. By victimizing yourself, you unconsciously create a situation that can feel even worse than it already felt before. Why should you do that to yourself? Why should you keep on making yourself suffer for the things that are out of your control? The only control that you have in life, is the way how you react on situation, thoughts, and emotions. So why shouldn’t you just choose to let your emotions flow, to accept your thoughts and the situation for what is and then let it go for your own good sake? If you can’t do anything about it, why should you keep holding on to it? If you can do something about it, then why should you keep suffering? Do something.

Number 11: Feeling Of Guilt

Are you one of those who is constantly feeling guilty for everything?

For example:
Another person bumps against you and you say: “Oh, I am sorry.”
You missed an appointment because of the traffic: “Oh, I feel so bad!”
You made a huge mistake out of stress: “Omg, what a horrible person I am.”

No, you are not! Stop feeling so guilty all of the time. You are human, just like me, just as everyone who is reading this blog. Humans make mistakes, right? So don’t see yourself as a bad person for every single mistake that you make. There is no point in holding on to guilt. I get that it can sting a bit, when you feel like you hurt someone, disappointed someone or let someone down. But what is the point of holding on to that feeling of guilt? Why should you keep on punishing yourself for this? Don’t be so hard on yourself. Clear the air with those you feel guilty towards, find a solution and make peace with yourself and the situation afterward. No need to feel guilty for what you didn’t mean to do. You didn’t mean to harm right? Just love yourself enough to forgive yourself.

Number 12: The Feeling That You Need To Hold On In Order To Be Strong

Sometimes it’s important to realize that holding on to the things that are not serving us, isn’t the way of showing you are strong. Sometimes letting go is exactly what we need to do in order to become even stronger. Being strong is not about who holds on the longest. It is about those who choose self-love above the endless pointless suffering.

Free yourself from the prison of your own
false thoughts, limiting beliefs, old grudges or bad habits.
Free yourself from that prison you created.
The prison only you can break out of.

– Purendfierce

Love & Joy

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26 Comments on “Alert! 12 Things You Need To Let Go Of In 2019

  1. Ik laat in 2019 los wat me in 2018 zo in de weg zat… Me druk maken om wat andere mensen van me vinden. Dat doe je natuurlijk niet zomaar, maar het komt vast helemaal goed!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ik ben er zeker van dat je hierin kunt slagen! Je bent goed genoeg zoals je zelf bent en laat niemand jou iets anders denken. 😉 Geloof in jezelf en je kunnen en het komt allemaal goed!


  2. Dat zijn heel wat dingen om los te laten zeg. Loslaten is goed, dat weet ik, maar niet altijd even makkelijk om ook te doen.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Het is inderdaad niet altijd simpel. Maar met de juiste wilskracht en focus is dit zeker mogelijk. Ieder mens is waardig om een leven te leiden waarbij hij/zij zich volledig kan ontplooien tot het beste van zichzelf. Daarbij is deze lijst ook zeker geen ‘quick on the go’ to do list hoor. 😄 Het leven is een eindelloos proces van vallen en opstaan. Maar het is je doorzettingsvermogen om alles stap voor stap te doen zonder opgeven dat je tot de gewenste en beste resultaten zal brengen. Perfectie is niet het streefdoel, geluk, zelfliefde en voldoening is waar je het voor moet doen. ❤


  3. Sommige dingen zijn zo waar. merk dit zelfs in mijn vriendenkring. Dan denk ik soms, wees niet zo negatief en inderdaad je kan het beter loslaten.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Dit is een hele waslijst met dingen waar vrijwel iedereen wel mee te dealen heeft. Ikzelf moet ook aan een aantal dingen van je lijstje werken.. maar dat is vaak wel gemakkelijker gezegd dan gedaan.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dit is inderdaad een lijst waar veel mensen problemen bij ondervinden. Vandaar dat het ook belangrijk is om ons hier soms eens van bewust te worden. Dit zijn vaak ook de punten die ons weerhouden van vooruit te gaan in het leven en te groeien. 🙂 Simpel is dit inderdaad niet altijd aangezien vele punten een jarenlange gewoonte zijn geworden! Maar het is zeker perfect mogelijk hier aan te werken met de juiste wilskracht en motivatie. 😀


  5. Goede motivatie en tips voor 2019. Ja dat vergelijken moet niemand doen, iedereen is uniek op zijn eigen manier.


  6. Ik zou echt een sterker persoon zijn als ik dit allemaal zou loslaten, maar dat lukt zo 1 2 3 niet. Kleine stapjes werken ook denk ik dan. Thanks!


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