Purendfierce Revealed!

Personal Life Speech, Purendfierce Revealed…

The path towards discovering my life purpose

I guess we’re going to start with a little bit of small talk just to give you some insight into my background and the basic ‘who-am-I’ points.
The girl behind the pages revealed…

Well, here I am

My name is Anjuli Dobbelaere. I’m 26 years old and I was born on the 24th of April 1992. I live in Belgium, or more precisely, Flanders. At least still for now.
This means my native language is Dutch. ‘Hallo, alles goed?’
I also speak pretty fluent English and I’m not that bad at French either.
Oh yes, and besides that, I’m learning Spanish and I also know a few words in Russian. What can I say, I just love learning new things!
(Let’s be really honest, I’m obsessed with learning!)
I’m a free-minded soul with a passion for travel, psychology, health, nature, the mysteries of life, creativity, spirituality and sharing my knowledge with the intention to help others.

Ok, let’s go way back in time for a moment

In my childhood, I was always that child who was an extrovert, a creative dreamer, a thinker, a nature child, an animal-friend with a deep spiritual mindset…
I thought my childhood was pretty amazing because of my endless fantasy world and my pure innocent love towards my family, nature and the animal-planet, I was one happy girl. You could always see me smile and giggle!
The only thing that was extremely hard in that period, was the divorce of my parents, this literally broke my heart. Now I’m just happy that they’ve both found new luck and love. They are the best!

The hardest moments where I’ve lost myself

After my childhood, starting at the age of 13/14, my life got a little wobbly. I’ve sort of lost myself and I’ve made many wrong and quite irresponsible choices while I was in a battle against myself and my environment. At that point, I wasn’t aware of my highly sensitive skills yet and this made it even more difficult for me.
(I call it skills because they really are once you learned to accept them and how to use them positively! ) But at that moment, they didn’t feel like skills at all! I felt confused and not understood. I was constantly fighting (not literally) and resisting reality. But really, who
was I fighting against, if I didn’t even know what I was fighting for? I guess I was in denial of who I truly felt inside and I was scared of getting rejected. And the combination with some bad boyfriends and friend choices made it all even worse. You can say, I was a messed up teenager out of control. But still, even though I didn’t live up to my full potential  for many years, I still was aware of the real ‘me’, hidden underneath the many self-defense layers. Being a highly sensitive, free-minded person in this world isn’t always easy. The many rules and high expectations of how you ‘should’ be in the eyes of society can make you feel insecure. Still, everyone should be whoever they want to be! That’s my vision now! 

The moment of change

After many years of struggling with quite a few challenging moments like depression, panic attacks, health issues, a few very bad relationships and an almost deadly car accident, I came to the point that I needed to stop living up to other people’s expectations. I needed to start accepting myself for who I am and start living the life I was born to pursue. I invested time in discovering who I really was and what my deepest passions were. I learned to use mindfulness and positive psychology to open my eyes again for all the beauty that’s around us. That moment I stopped fighting against myself and I started reconnecting with myself and my true life purpose. Self-love was reborn. I started healing inside. As scares became life lessons, inner happiness became a goal.

Being grateful is the key

Hé, I’ve also had a ton of wonderful times and beautiful memories of course! Times with great friends and my amazing family, beautiful travels and some amazing work/life opportunities. I’m very grateful for the incredible people I’ve met, the never-lost-memories I’ve experienced and the small details who made me laugh. 

The little free birdie inside of me

Still, there was a free birdie who kept on singing in my chest.
It told me that I needed to spread my wings and start to fly.
(I like that birdie, he’s a go-getter.) He never gave up on me.
This birdie helped me to finally make the decision to follow my dreams completely and start working towards a full time traveling lifestyle. Begin next year (2019) is the time that I will pack my backs and start living this whole new life experience.



So who am I in the shorter more compact version:

I’m a holistic lifestyle (health) & business coach with a passion for traveling and adventure, sports and yoga, artsy work & creativity, psychology and the spiritual side, cooking and pure foods, nature and it’s beauty and of course music with a strong good beat. You can see me as an open-minded, creative, smiley and bubbly personality with a strong will who doesn’t recoil for a challenge. A person who would climb up the biggest, most feared mountains without looking back, all so she could achieve her goals. ~ A girl with fire in her eyes ~




Why did I choose to become a holistic lifestyle & business coach? (Social media expert)

I’ve always had a great passion for the deeper meaning of life, psychology, the holistic view and the healthy living mindset. Besides that, I always believed in creating your own freedom lifestyle while being able to turn your passion into your career. I think everyone should be able to live the life they’ve always dreamed of. Also, I naturally love to help people and to share my knowledge with them, just because there is nothing more beautiful than to see a smile on someones face. 

– Millions of own experiences
– Tons of books and research
– Hundreds of podcasts 
– Different online course certifications
– A life full of self-teaching and knowledge-searching



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