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Change reality by finding freedom within.

Freedom. The state of being where one totally feels allowed to express oneself fully. The state of being which allows one to be without limitations. ☽ ∆ ☾ Freedom is a value that many chase in life. Whether we are consciously aware of it…

What you seek is seeking you.

Make sure that it finds its way to you. Align with it. ☽ ∆ ☾ That which we long for as human-level beings and that which our soul longs for is one and the same. It’s not always known by words but it can…

The Truth: Why Do We Label Ourselves And Others?

Sad girl walking in nature

Labels, the invisible sticker placed on someone to push them into that “you-are-like-this” box. We all know them, the labels or stereotypes that should define us ‘unintentionally’. Or intentionally if you place them upon yourself. But of course, the opposite is true. Labels do…

Increase Your Happy Level With These 5 Top Foods

Happy Girl With Smoothie

Some days are filled with happy energy, some are a little less positively vibrated. And there is nothing wrong with that. Not all days need to be ‘the perfect happy day’. It’s totally ok to feel a little less great sometimes. This way you…

How To Use Vulnerability As Your Guide

Blond woman

The act of opening up. The step where many are afraid of. A lot of the times, vulnerability gets linked with the sign of naivety or weakness. Therefore, it gets often pushed away or hidden. In our society, the opposite is praised. Not showing…

Start Your Day Powerful And Mindful: What I Do Every Morning

The grass in the morning

Today I wanted to share with you a more personal blog post. My daily morning routine. The reason why I chose this topic is because I feel like this could help many people out. I noticed that a lot of people really rush through…

Key To Success: The Powerful Impact Of Taking Risks

Man jumping on rocks

When it comes to taking risks, many choose rather to watch it from the sideline than to participate. This is because taking risks walks hand in hand with coming out of that comfort zone. And it’s staying in that safe and comfortable space often…

How To Improve Your Good Night’s Sleep

A sleeping woman

Sleep…Nothing is as important as having a good night’s sleep if you want to function properly during the day. Are you a good sleeper or are you experiencing some struggles with this? When the answer on the second question is yes, then it’s time…

The 10 Motivational Benefits Of Meditating

Woman who is meditating

I guess you heard of it already? Meditating. And I guess you also have some sort of picture in your mind of how it works. Or at least, how it looks like. But there are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to meditating….