Change reality by finding freedom within.

Freedom. The state of being where one totally feels allowed to express oneself fully. The state of being which allows one to be without limitations. ☽ ∆ ☾ Freedom is a value that many chase in life. Whether we are consciously aware of it… Continue Reading “Change reality by finding freedom within.”

The Truth: Why Do We Label Ourselves And Others?

Sad girl walking in nature

Labels, the invisible sticker placed on someone to push them into that “you-are-like-this” box. We all know them, the labels or stereotypes that should define us ‘unintentionally’. Or intentionally if you place them upon yourself. But of course, the opposite is true. Labels do… Continue Reading “The Truth: Why Do We Label Ourselves And Others?”

Start Your Day Powerful And Mindful: What I Do Every Morning

The grass in the morning

Today I wanted to share with you a more personal blog post. My daily morning routine. The reason why I chose this topic is because I feel like this could help many people out. I noticed that a lot of people really rush through… Continue Reading “Start Your Day Powerful And Mindful: What I Do Every Morning”

How To Know When It’s The Right Time To Forgive

Giving a flower

Is there currently someone in your life that had hurt you? Someone who you didn’t forgive yet? Does it feel like extreme baggage on your back? Do you sometimes wonder if it is worth forgiving? And if yes, then when? Because actually, you don’t… Continue Reading “How To Know When It’s The Right Time To Forgive”

How To Stop Caring What Other People Think

A worried girl who looks sad

Audio Version -Should I wear this, nah, I don’t want to look too cheap–Let’s check my message… Nothing? Why doesn’t anyone care?- -She said she liked my shirt. But that tone sounded so negative… what would she actually mean by that? –-I don’t want… Continue Reading “How To Stop Caring What Other People Think”

The Secret Power Of Positive Affirmations

As human beings, we can easily get stuck in a spiral of negative thoughts. Mostly not because we want to, but because we aren’t even aware of the fact that we are the ones causing it. It’s just so easy to let yourself get… Continue Reading “The Secret Power Of Positive Affirmations”

Early Signs Of An Unhealthy And Toxic Relationship

If  you feel like your relationship isn’t going the way it should? Are you concerned about your own well-being, happiness or even safety? Then there is a chance that you’ve might be ended up in a toxic relationship. And as this is an unhealthy situation… Continue Reading “Early Signs Of An Unhealthy And Toxic Relationship”

7 Key Signs That You Are Doing Self-Sabotage

In life, do you feel like things don’t go the way you want them to? Do your goals seem unreachable and you feel like you suffer constant failure? Does this sound recognizable to you? Maybe there happened some unexpected circumstances like you lost your… Continue Reading “7 Key Signs That You Are Doing Self-Sabotage”

How Emotional Time Traveling Can Effect Your Feelings

What is emotional time traveling? Did you ever notice a moment where you were straying into a past memory? And did you notice how you could really revive that moment in your entire body and mind? Feelings and past emotions suddenly start to emerge.… Continue Reading “How Emotional Time Traveling Can Effect Your Feelings”

Are You Attracting Negative Energy Into Your Life?

Do you feel like there is nothing but misery, failure, and negative energy coming into your life? Do you wonder if there is any chance that you might attract that negative energy? Well, you might be right. Because it is definitely possible to attract… Continue Reading “Are You Attracting Negative Energy Into Your Life?”