Holistic life & business coaching

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Holistic life coaching

Lifestyle & Health



Would you finally want to see a change in your life?
Are you ready to take the responsibility to pursue your own happiness?
Have you reached a point in your life where you want to invest in yourself?
Are you willing to take the time to listen to your deepest feelings and intuïtion?

Then holistic life coaching might be something for you

  • Get to know yourself better on a deeper level
  • Discover your true desires and what motivates you in life
  • Reconnect with your inner calm and find more peace within yourself
  • Create more self-trust and self-love
  • Grow and double your self-assurance
  • Learn how to deal with your feelings and emotions
  • Start to love the small gifts in life and feel gratitude
  • Become more accepting and happy with yourself, your body and your overall being


Do you want to lose some weight?
Do you feel lethargic, tired and does your body feel heavy all the time?
Do you feel like your emotions are all over the place, and you can’t stop craving sweets?
Do you want to deal with that unhealthy lifestyle and give your body finally what it really deserves?

Then holistic health coaching might be something for you

  • Become more aware of your body’s needs
  • Get to know the benefits of a healthy diet
  • Learn more about what’s really good for your body and what’s not
  • Become more mindful when your eating
  • Create a positive food mindset
  • Learn about the relation between your mind and your body
  • Become more fit, healthy and happy in your body
  • Create a healthy relationship with your food and start to love being healthy





Business coaching

Online business & digital nomad



Do you finally want to make that big career change you’ve always dreamed of?
Are you ready to take the reins and take on the challenge with full courage and boldness? Are you strongly convinced that you would be the perfect entrepreneur?
Have you always dreamed of being a digital nomad or having an “online” career?

Then business coaching might be something for you

  • Get more confident and secure about yourself and your choices
  • Become more aware of your skills and possibilities
  • Learn to improve your negatives and to embrace your positives
  • Figure out where your passions lay and what your life purpose is
  • Learn how to be more brave, fearless and dedicated towards your goals
  • Learn to be more assertive and persevere


As a holistic life & business coach I’ll help you pursue your ultimate goals!



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